Delivery is Great But What About the Content?

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Will tablet computing save the media?

Will tablet computing save the media?

There was a lot of excitement last week when Sports Illustrated/Time showed how they would deliver content to tablet devices.

My friend and fellow Dad blogger Don Martelli blogged about it and linked a cool video.

I too loved to see the long-rumored tablet in action to see how we might be able to use it. Not only that, it’s an important cog to get the traditional media set reinvented before it completely dies.

I think they’re on the right track. If you can imagine an iPhone-type tablet, connected to wi-fi, that can deliver news to you while you sit on the can, on the couch or anywhere else for that matter, I think they’ll have a winner.

The question I don’t hear being asked very much when those of us in PR talk about the slow death of traditional media is, what about the content? Sure, the delivery system and subscription model are dead but what about the quality of the content they’re producing?

In many cases, non-professional citizen jounralists are researching, writing and producing better content than even the New York Times. That would have been unthinkable 30 years ago. Today, it’s reality and the focus on content delivery is only one piece of the equation.

No matter what your personal views, news today has become a left vs. right affair. Very little objective (as objective as human reporters can be) reporting remains. There are amazing journalists and storytellers out there but what’s selling is divisiveness. That leads to extremely polarized media that misses the ball far too often.

Before we get caught up in the coolness of the new delivery gizmo, let’s remember the reason people read newspapers, magazines and websites to begin with: it’s the content stupid.

Until media starts writing content that grabs, inspires, informs, educates and balances both sides of the story, it won’t matter if it’s delivered to the inside of your eyeballs.



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