With Transparency Comes a Price

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I am what I am!

I am what I am!

One of the words you will always hear around the use of social media is transparency.

Seth Godin, someone I really respect and the one person who does deserve the title “expert”, posted about transparency and it’s pratfalls and advantages for businesses and individuals. His point of view is well argued and proven to be true.

To that end, the entire world has not embraced the idea of transparency or even truth. As we share more and more professionally and personally in these social channels, there sometimes is a steep price to pay or at least the annoyance of those who can’t handle it.

I experienced this first-hand this past week sharing information socially that was of a personal nature. Because I am an opinionated guy who doesn’t pull punches very often, not everyone likes that. There are people that don’t like the fact I am so comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions. These people are usually the ones who spend their days talking about what others do and say and don’t do much worth a damn themselves.

For me, I am comfortable with anything I share in the public realm. I wouldn’t say it there if I wasn’t OK with the way in which it could be perceived. That comfort level, and the ability to speak my mind whether it’s popular or not, rubs some people the wrong way. The beauty of that is I don’t care. As Popeye The Sailor was so often quoted as saying: “I am what I am.”

Speaking your mind comes with a price, but the price is worth it. Always be authentic, always be yourself and always do what you believe to be right. It’s not always the easiest thing, but it’s the right thing.



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