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Sometimes in our desire to be reactive to customers or clients, we tend to rush and shove anything we can into social channels. Because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, the cries of “throw it up on Twitter” or “let’s do a YouTube video” can be heard around corporations throughout America.

But more times than not, companies and entrepreneurs do themselves more harm than good. This is because they’re trying to force down their will on the customer instead of listening or responding in the way the customer wants.

If a customer posts a question on Facebook, they don’t want your response in Twitter. If they post a question or concern in Twitter, they don’t want the answer in Facebook or in the form of a video.

Unless the customer specifically asks you for a certain response, don’t do it. Answer them directly or through the channel by which they contacted you.

By answering or engaging with customers outside of the channel in which they initiated the conversation, you run the risk of missing the point entirely. Companies can’t rush to response without being thoughtful of how best to answer and on what platform.

If companies don’t listen and respond appropriately, they run the risk of showing their customers they’re not listening. That’s disastrous for everyone involved.



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