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As we move past the joyous time of Christmas, we quickly turn toward the New Year and line up our resolutions and goals for 2010. I am no different, and as I look toward the new year, a few of my resolutions come to mind. As a communications professional, and someone who participates in social media personally outside of work, here is my list of my top Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, in reverse order.

I will NOT follow spammers or wastes-of-space on Twitter this year!

10. I promise to not accept follower/friend requests from people who I know aren’t reciprocal. Let’s face it, even in virtual spaces people can waste your time. It’s not about the total amount of followers or friends anymore folks. It’s about the right people and the exchange of ideas.

9. I will not argue via social media. Arguments in social media are pretty much without any positives. Discussions about items where you may have some disagreements or a different take are fine. But be weary of argument baiting. In my case, I’ve had an evil women baiting me on Facebook all year. Unfriended her…life is much better.

8. Always use TweetPhoto for my photo sharing. Yes, Facebook is the biggest and I do upload more personal pictures there. But @rumford and his site are doing some cool things. Their API is cool and great things on the horizon for this San Diego company.

TweetPhoto will be a best friend this coming year.

7. Stick to one iPhone Twitter App. Last year, I used no less than six different apps on my iPhone to update my Twitter stream. This year, I am sticking with one. So far, TweetDeck for the iPhone is my leader. Although I do like HootSuite as well. Choices, choices.

6. Update my Twitter Background every quarter. I know, most people now access your profile through various desktop or mobile clients. This aside, let’s all keep it fresh and show some of our individuality more often.

5. Use LinkedIn more. LinkedIn is a powerful social network that I personally underutilize. They continue to make some great improvements and there is some gold there. This pro is going to take more time to ensure I am maximizing that robust network.

4. Content, content, content. I believe the talk of the demise of full blogs is over done. If you produce great content that is thought provoking and useful to someone, they will come. I plan to pay more attention to this blog and really up my game when it comes to content. I don’t care if I have a million readers, but for my readers I do have, I want them to find value. I also will continue to write over at the Every Other Dad’s blog.

3. Use more video. Whether its on Twitter, Facebook or this blog, I plan to make more video content. I think I do it well and will let all of you get to know me a little better. I will also be speaking all over the country this year so why not use that material here as well!

I am going to get the most out of LinkedIn in 2010!

2. Continue to be authentic. Let’s face it, not everyone likes you. Not everyone likes me. But if you can show your genuine side – critics be damned – you earn more trust. I am as transparent as possible and I want to continue to be the real “me” every day. This is how people get to know you even if they’ve never met you face-to-face. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

And my #1 social media resolution for 2010:

1. Be more active. That’s right. Do it more. Just when you think you can’t do more in this emerging media, challenge yourself to look for ways to better you, your business and your ideas. This technology is changing business, personal interactions and how we related to one another. Don’t be afraid to continue to jump in and do more. Go outside the Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace worlds. Use geo-location apps like FourSquare of Gowalla. Take more pictures and share them with the world. Tell us your thoughts, fears, dreams and ideas. Don’t fear rejection or criticism. Everyone has a unique perspective to share and yours is as good as anyone else’s. I’ll continue to share my thoughts and views whether they’re read by 10 people or 10 Million. It’s a glorious time in human history where our voices are more equal than ever before. The only wrong thing you can do is to no participate.

Happy New Year!



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4 Responses to “My Social Media Resolution List”

Ari Herzog
December 26, 2009

What? No failing among your resolutions?

Don Martelli
December 26, 2009

Good post Scott. I speficially like the idea of not following or frending people who don engage. If I follow someone, I expect some give, not just take. Your linkedin and video promises are solid as well. I am going to rip them off for a similar post. Of course I will give you some cred. ;(

uberVU - social comments
December 26, 2009

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Scott Scott
December 26, 2009

Thanks for the link Ari…so true. Failing is vital to success…something I tell kids all the time. So many today are taught they don’t fail. Its the “everyone gets a trophy” stuff that robs kids of the gift of failure. Great add.

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