Missing “The Moment”?

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While most of the time I keep posts here limited to business, I was thinking about how the new ways we’re interacting and sharing with one another and the impact it has on our daily lives.

At the same time, this thought does relate to businesses and consumers and how behavior continues to change and fascinate me.

Here's one moment I captured at the game

I attended the San Diego Chargers games yesterday with my oldest son. I snapped a bunch of pictures and video of our tailgate and adventures at the game to share via Facebook, Twitter, et al. It’s something I do all of the time now as I try to walk what I talk.

Then I realized I was missing something. In my desire to “share” with all of you the great time I was having, I was missing a little of the moment. Probably not a significant amount of that moment, but what is the impact of divided attention? What’s the impact for us? What’s the impact on businesses and brands?

I firmly believe, as I’ve stated in this space before, these new technologies actually help us move closer to one another. That’s not a question for me at all here.

The question is are we missing anything? That includes things in our personal life or for our business.

Is it enough that we’re sharing the moment we’re sharing and not paying attention to the moments after?

Ok, enough speaking in questions.

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