Surprise: Social Media Dominating the Web

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For all the naysayers and corporate boardroom muckety-mucks who continue to dismiss the power of social media’s future for American business, the data is now in.

As Mashable reported this weekend, Nielsen’s numbers for December show just how stunning the growth in social has been. We’ll get to those numbers in a minute.

Perhaps the biggest data point in Neilsen’s report is how engaged people are when they do spend time on social networking sites. In fact, people are now spending around five hours a week on these networks showing just how high engagement is.

What was not a surprise was the continued massive domination of Facebook. Facebook continued to drive growth and is the default way in which people now connect with friends and family. It just continues to become mainstream.

Twitter on the other hand is slowing, but still dominates much of the category. Unless Twitter can address the needs of enterprise to use it as a tool to interact with customers, my view is it will continue to falter.

Source: Nielsen

The debate on whether or not companies should be investing significantly in social media should now be over.

Other call outs can be seen in the graphics here but the big takeaway for those of us in the business is the numbers don’t lie. Faced with doubters still in our midst, and lots of traditional marketing folks that just don’t get it, it’s hard to fight the numbers.

Anyone who does business on the web, should look at the stats and realize they’ve already missed the boat if they’re not investing today. Social networking sites have more traffic than instant messaging and even gaming. Those are powerful statistics and prove out just how fast the category is growing. Social is driving web growth and marketers and businesses that refuse to recognize the potential will lose out.



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