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Going out on the speaking circuit you’re fortunate to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and from every type of business you can imagine. As I prepare to speak at my third Gravity Summit next week at UCLA, I am sure I’ll get several more folks who say something I hear a lot.

“What you’re doing is great but I work for a smaller brand,” anonymous networking pro says. “We don’t have big budgets and the type of attention TurboTax gets.”

While I understand, and fully accept their view, I believe it is somewhat of an excuse. Yes, 20 Million people use TurboTax in around 90 days. That means the spotlight is hot and bright. At the same time, business pros and their companies need to use social media in a way that makes sense for their business.

Because some of us work for brands that have ridiculous multi-million dollar ad campaigns that help expose the brands to millions, that doesn’t mean you can’t use social media and social networks to help your customers and your business.

Remember not to get caught up in brands with thousands of followers or fans on Facebook. The key is to get started and find what works for you and your customers or enthusiasts. Don’t get intimidated or think it can’t be done if you’re behind. Time is running out but the point is to get off the bench and in the game.

There are plenty of big brands out there who haven’t meaningfully done anything yet in social media. Having a Twitter account isn’t participating. Having online communities is a great start and necessary, but that’s not a dialogue with customers.

You should have a default toward action and don’t let fear, budgets or red tape lead you to inaction.

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