True Leaders Make Others Better

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It’s remarkable how sometimes a change of scenery can give you some perspective and help you crystalize your thoughts and validate your opinion.

I mentioned yesterday in my video post that I am energized with my new job at SOE. Not only that, but I’ve inherited a team that boosts my confidence even more.

In talking with my team over the past few days, I realized just how much a leader – a decisive, caring and level-headed leader – can mean to people. A leader that cares enough to truly listen, coach and help those around them get better. It’s the leader who can teach, correct and focus employees that truly makes a difference and is what I strive to do every day with my coworkers.

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve worked for leaders who are better at creating negativity and discord versus those that create a nurturing and safe environment where we can be all we can. Those leaders are self-centered and focused on their own goals and look at those around them as mear tools to reach their own goals. They don’t truly respect their employees nor want them to outshine themselves. This “selfish” leader only drives good employees and the best developing leaders away.

Great leaders put others out front and allow them to lead. Great leaders care as much about developing more leaders as they do about their own success. Great leaders don’t lose their temper with those they teach. They take the time to help and mentor their employees to make them more confident, more capable and more fulfilled.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”John Quincy Adams

Being a great leader is what I aspire to do each day. I don’t aspire to be a PR star; I don’t aspire to be a social media “guru”; I don’t aspire to climb the ladder no matter the cost.

I aspire to make those around me better people, better professionals and better leaders.

Are you challenging others around you to help them become better leaders?

If not, why?



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Christine Morrison
April 13, 2010

Dude that is one fancy word cloud. It's like “dancing word cloud!” Nice post.

SDGully SDGully
April 13, 2010



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Don Martelli
April 13, 2010

Sounds like a great gig man. I'm highly jealous and will forever think that you suck because you get to play video games at work. Damn you. #jealousmuch?

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