Time for the Trap Wire

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This is the first in a series of posts about my trip to the USS Abraham Lincoln this coming weekend. I will fly out and land on the carrier and spend 24 hours with the men and women on the USS Lincoln. I’ll share with you my first-hand experience aboard this proud ship and what I learned.

The trap wire.

It’s what stands between a Navy carrier pilot and the sea below him. Miss the wire (actually called arresting wires), and you could end up wet or worse. It’s why Navy fliers are the best in the world.

This coming Sunday, I get to land on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln and feel the trap wire grab and stop us atop its welcoming deck.

As a blogger, PR and social media professional, this opportunity is one of the most exciting and anticipated I’ve ever had. To be able to actually fly and land on an aircraft carrier at sea is something not many people on this planet get to experience. Add to the that spending some quality time with the men and women of the United States Navy, and I am truly honored.

Why exactly am I being afforded this opportunity and why should you care?

The Navy has done an outstanding job of using both public relations and social media to share with Americans what it does on a daily basis and the extraordinary hard work the men and women in our armed forces do on a daily basis. They’re on the front lines of protecting our country every day and do so at sea, away from their families and loved ones.

In order for Americans back home to see just how amazing these sailors are, the Navy allows a number of dignitaries, journalists, bloggers and professionals to take part in these trips and write about them. Not only write but snap pictures, take videos and live like the sailors live for just over 24 hours. By “walking in their shoes” we can tell the folks back home just how amazing and dedicated our men and women are.

Being an aviation buff as a kid, this trip is going to be exciting to me personally. I’ve always admired the crews on these floating cities and their experience is a unique one. I am looking forward to chronicling that and sharing with you the sites, sounds and people of the USS Lincoln.

Stay tuned for some great content, photos, videos and interviews coming here on Every Other Thursday.com next week.

Don’t think we’ll be able to Tweet or update our Facebook status while we’re out there, but in case, follow me @sdgully.

A special thanks again to Andy Sernovitz from the Social Media Business Council for arranging this trip for me and my fellow participants.



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