Only You Can Define Personal Success

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How often do you let others in business define if you’re successful?

How often do you let others expectations or definitions of success define your success?

If you’re like most people, too often.

When you run into a high school friend at a local grocery store, and they tell you what they “do” these days, do you make a judgment about how successful they are? If so, what definition are you using? If they’re a waiter or a retail clerk, is that successful? If they’re a doctor or lawyer, are they successful in your eyes?

Too often we judge and others judge our success based on a limited view of what success means. Many think success means a white collar job with a corner office and a muckety-muck title. Others view success based on the car you’re driving or the jewelry you’re wearing. This all leads to snap judgments which not only pigeon-hole others we encounter but also are thrust upon us. People lose confidence because their view of success is defined by others who know little about their aspirations or desires.

I have friends who are big-wigs in the world of business. Most people view them as a success. No doubt many of them view it the same way. Yet many others are unhappy and don’t live fulfilled lives either professionally or personally.

Then I have friends who work blue-collar jobs. These are manual labor jobs. The kind of jobs some people flock to college to escape. These friends are fulfilled and love what they do for a living every day. They lead productive, happy and enriching lives.


It’s because they don’t buy into the success hype. Success can only be defined by you and it’s a personal choice how you do so.

Don’t allow others to tell you if you’re successful. Love what you do, love those around you and define it yourself.



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