Working Longer Means Nothing

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I recently read a story on about the 5 biggest regrets that people have on their deathbed. They were very enlightening in more ways than one.

As someone who loves their work and their career, one jumped out at me.

On person’s deathbed, whether it be from cancer, old age, or other malady, no one every says: “I wish I would have worked harder.” Instead, they say the opposite.

That statement made so much sense to me. It hit me like a brick wall.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work for great companies (like Intuit) and for great people. One of the elements that made them great was their concern and desire to make sure their employees had a good balance. At a time when “work/life balance” continues to be an HR buzzword in corporate America, their are companies that walk the walk. They understand the lifetime value of an employee who was happy at home and challenge at the office.

Those companies and leaders also recognized that hard work does not mean longer hours. How many times have you worked with someone who put in 12 hours yet got little done? I rest my case.

As I read that list of five regrets, I made a pact with myself to recallibrate and make sure I was on the right path.

Are you on the right path?




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June 17, 2011

It begins with company culture.  I just started a job where it was communicated on my second day that “quality of life” is the first priority.  And it’s not lip service.  They deliver without sacrificing the quality of work that is put out there.  I’m sure the culture impacts the productivity…

SDGully SDGully
June 17, 2011


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