Are We Still Arguing About Social Business?

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There were people who swore the first automobile would fail. They lauded the horse and said Henry Ford’s “wild” idea would never amount to anything.

There were people who swore that television would never last. It was an invention for the uneducated masses.

There were people who swore no one would ever beat MySpace in social media. They had too much momentum they said.

The history of business is littered with careful marketers who waited and waited for “proof” of results from new technologies and new business models. Those same professionals also woke up one day and realized they were so far behind or so behind the times they soon found themselves without a job. And even some found themselves without a brand.

Yet today, some brands and some marketers are still arguing if the investment in social business, social media, and social advertising is worth it. They cling to what Seth Godin calls the “TV-Industrial Complex.” They falsely believe good marketing sells products in 2011. The reality is good products sell products and good marketing is only a by-product.

Just as dinosaurs once ruled the earth, marketers addicted to television advertising and broadcast marketing also did. While television remains an important part of an overall marketing mix, it’s not the be-all-end-all it once was. Yet some still think it is.

You have to wonder: how long will they be around? It’s time to get with the program and not wait for all the data to come in. The leap of faith is what helps you innovate.



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