Social Threat Level Declining?

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For those of us that drive social marketing and community engagement for big and small brands alike, the wounds from breaking down silos within organizations are very visible.

Over the past five years, most of us have had to do battle with cross-functional groups internally, and agency partners externally, who either feel threatened or just don’t have enough knowledge of the space to be proficient. Their fear of the communications and marketing revolution left many of us exhausted and bleeding.

Yet today I feel as though we’re getting past that. Perhaps with a change of scenery (I recently joined H&R Block), the healing can begin in my world.  Today I feel comfortably aligned with all internal and external business partners. That’s the first time in years I’ve felt a level of comfort like that. The folks inside get it, and want to learn and help us win. Our agency partners are past trying to prove they can do everything and instead collaborate openly with our internal and external teams. That’s refreshing and a great sign for all social strategists.

How is your organization progressing? Do you feel you’ve cleared those first groups of hurdles?

For me, those hurdles have mostly been cleared. I feel like it’s time to sprint and my legs feel good. I’m ready to race.



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