Personal Brand? What about Your Work?

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A quick rant today…

We all know we live in the era of the personal brand. Even those of us who work for big Fortune 500 brands know we too benefit personally more than ever thanks to the connectedness of business today.

Despite this fact, and that I – like many of you – benefit from it personally, we have to find more balance. I was reading the blog of a “social business thought leader” this week and was impressed with his academic-like assessment of some recent social business development and its relation to innovation. The guy is super smart and certainly knows social business and solid business principles all around. Despite this, the company which employs him has sort of stalled in really making an impact with social business. In fact, they were once heralded as a leader in social but lately not so much.

Now, I don’t know everything happening inside the company but certainly he’s busy delivering thought leadership but it doesn’t appear he’s making too much headway internally. That’s the part where I’m having trouble.

What’s the right balance? Shouldn’t he be working harder and spending more time working internally to produce results and bring about change? If he has time to post three times a week about esoteric social business subjects, which certainly help his personal brand rise, would he be better served spending the time and energy working for the brand that pays him?

Of course I don’t know anything going on internally. He may very well be doing that. At the same time I believe many companies are getting fleeced right now and that’s not good for any of us “in the business.” I am squarely focused on making H&R Block a social enterprise. That’s what I eat, breathe and sleep everyday. My personal brand is what it is and I much prefer having my work speak for itself versus espousing about the state of social business when a brand is paying me well to move the business along.

What are your thoughts?



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