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Giselle Abramovich over at Digiday ran a story today highlighting brand social marketers discussing ROI. Thanks to Giselle for including me in the post.

You can read it here. Some good insights from a group of bright people.

My take was this:

“The biggest challenge in measuring ROI is that many times ROI isn’t the objective for social. There’s no doubt social marketing and engagement can deliver sales and conversion, but not all programs and interactions are built to drive it. Many times we use social much more effectively as a top of funnel activity where ROO — or return on objective — is the business goal. That doesn’t mean we don’t track crucial KPIs or measure, it’s just different. Many times the question on ‘what’s the ROI of social’ is the wrong question. Social has already proven incredibly useful and valuable in being a top of funnel driver of customer engagement and loyalty. It also helps brands like ours retain clients and helps us reduce cost on the customer service side. Sometimes when people ask you what the ROI of a social program is, we need to be confident and push back and tell them it’s the wrong question in the first place.”

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