Rooting For Failure

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I’ve never understood people who want others to fail. Especially when those people are on the same team, in the same company or other close alliance.

Rooting for others to fail shows a complete lack of leadership, accountability, and professionalism. It’s the professional equivalent of cutting of your own arms. It makes no sense.

My bet is companies who have cultures like this aren’t optimized, agile nor are they stable. They lose good talent while losing their way.

Success is always as a result of shared vision, responsibility, and support.




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One Response to “Rooting For Failure”

Betsy Soler
December 7, 2012

It's the job of managers and executives to identify these types of "cancers" and remove them before it affects the organization's health.
Personally, it's so difficult for me to keep my cool with these types of people. However, the more I try to understand them, the more I feel sorry for them because their behavior usually stems from their own insecurities.

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