Regret is the Heaviest of Burdens

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Regret_Nothing_by_DarkFaerie2789We are an imperfect species. We make mistakes every day. Humans are flawed and so much of what we become is based on how willing we are to look past those errors and not dwell on what could have been.

In my life, I’ve met thousands of people in passing – on business trips, on vacations, at conferences, at the local supermarket. Whenever I meet someone heavy with regret, I’m always struck at how attached – in an unhealthy way – they are to the past. They talk of missed opportunities and mistakes they wish they hadn’t had made.

The common theme among them is the inability for them to move past that regret. For some, it becomes their lives. They no longer live “now,” they live “then.”

Don’t invest in regret. Move past it. Learn from your shortcomings, errors, failed relationships, failed jobs. For every time we spend too much time on regret, we bankrupt our future. Greatness seldom comes with the mate regret.

Unburden yourself. Move forward and think of the future and let the past mold you, not define you.

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” – Henry David Thoreau



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Jake McKee
May 3, 2013

Well said, my friend. And great Thoreau quote. I haven't heard that one before.

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