A New Social Approach to Analytics and Data

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Business-people-collaborate-to-28350953I just finished reading a fascinating piece over at the Harvard Business Review Blog about the use of the co-creation process to better use data and analytics to transform businesses.

In the post by Judy Bayer and Marie Taillard, they advocate for a more collaborative process around data-dives and how companies use the big data they have. The premise: by allowing varying views and a more social approach to analytics, companies can transform themselves in ways they never imagined.

It’s an interesting idea, and one that might seem foreign for those of us on the brand side who deal with very literal, talented and focused analytics teams. For those of us in social business who are trying to forge closer relationships with our analytics teams, it may be a great way to engage.

The post talks about social as in collaboration – not social media. But for us brand socialites; this may be a way for us to engage with those analytics folks in a new and value-added sort of way.

The story talks about how psychologists believe that creativity flourishes in social contexts. For those of us with right brain thinking patterns, this might be the perfect storm. As we all strive to understand how Social – as in social business – can be measured and evaluated from an ROI perspective, the combination of left-brain thinkers, and us right-brain thinkers, to dive into data and use it to transform our businesses sounds promising. More importantly, it could also lead to better products, a better understanding of our customers, and increased sales and profitability.

It makes perfect sense and it’s worth serious exploration.

What do you think? Read the post here.



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