Does Google Glass Matter?

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863939-google-glass-in-historyMy friend and colleague Greg Gerik over at 3M posted today on his time with Google Glass yesterday. He was fortunate enough to get access to one of these prototype units and wrote an excellent post about it on his blog.

As Greg mentions, perhaps the technology is really a bridge product for something far more useful and innovative. I tend to agree with that and think Google Glass itself isn’t necessarily the end game for the technology.

What I really liked about Greg’s post was its honesty. For example, he talks about how uncomfortable it was to wear it into the restroom. What was the proper etiquette and how should he deal with it? These are very real considerations and also something I haven’t heard many in our industry discuss. Like many of Google’s innovation, Glass has a sort of bordering on the spooky invasion of privacy feel. That’s reflected very succinctly in Greg’s post.

But the key point I like that he made very simply was Google Glass probably isn’t how we’ll see the technology deployed for consumer consumption. It’s not all the appealing as such and the uses outside of an ugly pair of glasses makes sense. Imagine the technology in a heads-up-display (HUD) in your car or motorcycle. Or perhaps on appliances or other everyday devices. Now we’re talking.

To me, there is no doubt its future lies inside my ski helmet, inside my motorcycle helmet and even in the glasses I wear when I mow the lawn. Like so many innovative technologies, their first form is always a little off from its final form. Kudos to Greg for pointing that out.

The privacy concerns (it’s Google – there’s ALWAYS privacy concerns) are something that need a little more exploring. Hopefully, as more of us experience and learn about the plans Google has for this technology, the more we can explore that subject matter.

As an early adopter of most technology, I’ve been a little leery of Google Glass. Perhaps my tune will change after I get some time wearing them.

What’s your opinion?



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One Response to “Does Google Glass Matter?”

Tay Zonday
May 16, 2013

Wouldn't parents love to have their young kids wear Google Glass to pre-school or first-grade? You could use your cell phone to "check in" on your kid's POV at any moment. Parents would delight in being able to review a recording of everything their seven-year-old encountered on that day — for curiosity or "just to make sure." The human desire for *access* using this technology will probably be more compelling than the desire for privacy.

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