Falling Down is Easy, Getting Up is Sometimes Hard

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climb-a-mountainBut this time, lord you gave me a mountain

A mountain you know I may never climb

It isn’t just a hill any longer

A mountain you know I may never climb – “You Gave Me a Mountain,” Elvis Presely

Last week was “one of those weeks.” As a coach, business professional and father, I’m usually the one giving the pep talk or focusing someone else on soldiering on. I’m the upbeat manager or coworker who tries to be there at the moment people need me.

Last week, I needed that side of me to be there, well, for me.

Professional and personal challenges seem to happen in waves and those waves nearly drowned me last week. It was hard to be positive and hard to find the silver lining. It was hard to think about getting passed some of these obstacles. It devoured my psyche and it gripped me in anger, frustration and fear.

I’m happy to say, I’ve pulled out of that now. I can’t control some of it and those things that I can control, I’m moving forward with. It’s time to be positive and move on.

But getting up can be hard. We all know folks who have never been able to get past a challenge in their lives. It seems to eat them alive never letting their destructive grip to failure, disappointment or strife go. For them, the mountain is too high and they stop climbing.

For many of us, we choose to keep climbing. We have no choice. No matter what obstacle lies in our path, we mustn’t forget who we are, what we control and that only a few things in life are permanent.

Keep climbing.



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May 28, 2013

Climbing is only halfway there, the climb is a failure if you don’t come back home. To continue the metaphor, aim for peak and be mindful of the descent.

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