How Salespeople Blow It

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used-car-salesman-e1311645804421I am the son of a salesman. I know the job and how hard it is to work and cultivate relationships while at the same time worrying where your next commission check will come from. But many in sales today still don’t get it: it’s about the relationship stupid.

As a big-brand social leader, vendors inundate me each and every day. Half of them are pitching me products and services that aren’t even relevant to my role. They don’t listen to my voicemail message that states I don’t take calls from vendors straight up and unannounced. If I did, I would literally spend one-third of my day hearing about the “social solution” or “proprietary system” that will save me, my company and cure cancer. It’s just too much.

In this day and age, there is no reason or excuse for good sales people not to know their target and leverage connections to speak with him or her. Every once in a while I will listen to a cold call but it’s rare these days. There are too many lazy sales people who fail to take 5-10 minutes to research whom they are calling. It’s ridiculous as most of us are the most visible marketers on the planet. It’s not at all hard to find something out and to leverage existing contacts to build new leads to build relationships.

Have great examples of people who I work with now who have done that in the past. Many of the vendors we work with got here because their sales folks met me, understood my needs, and come back with solutions. Like most sales people, they move on to other opportunities yet I find I still have very strong relationships with them. They provide value in so many ways, I wouldn’t think of not taking their call.

No matter what business you’re in – even if you aren’t a sales person – the key to succeeding in business in developing those relationships. It may be hard when your value is measured in closed deals, but cold calling, three-minute voicemails, and a lack of information on your target spells disaster for the uninformed salesperson.

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2 Responses to “How Salespeople Blow It”

Corey Cummins
July 15, 2013

Hey Scott,
There are not many words I can add to this post – you are 100% right. I am in Business Development at Contently, and I can see how the success metrics increase with more customized outreach. Especially selling enterprise software, a major component to the closing the sale is through the relationship that is developed.

Justin Morrison
September 24, 2013

Hey Scott! I found it and would love to reconnect. Best

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