What Ever Happened to Hard Work?

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benchmarking-is-hard-workOne of my pet peeves is people who don’t want to work hard or work with passion. You know the type – they work 9-5, collect a paycheck and everything in their lives is more important than the work they do. You see people like this everywhere in corporate America and even in the growing tech sector. They’re waiting for death or a big payday, which will never come.

Thirty percent of our lives are spent at work. THIRTY PERCENT! How many of you can just mail it in is beyond me. You have to want to do well, work hard and want to win – no matter what your business.

We’ve all had jobs where the company sucks and most of your coworkers could give a damn if the company succeeds or fails. While that’s a challenge, and sometimes deflating to morale, it still doesn’t give any professional the excuse to give up, not care and do their best DMV worker impression.

People fear losing their jobs, they fear making waves, and they fear change. But if you’re in a job where you don’t care, move on and do something else. Life is too short and the rest of us who give a damn don’t need the albatross.

It seems as though many in the workplace no longer have the stomach for hard work. They don’t have the desire or the will to do what it takes to produce great work. That’s a problem for all of us.

Ask yourself: are you working hard? Are you getting your hands dirty? Do you have the passion to excel?



Scott Gulbransen

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