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talentThe current state of social business has me thinking. Never have I seen so many people self-promote yet never really actually show results nor stability or a track record worthy of the ass kissing they’re getting.

If you’re wondering: “Why are you being so negative Scott? Who pissed on your Wheaties?”

It’s simple: there are many amazing and talented people in the business. But many of the best self-promoters are those that build up friends, party buddies, and others that make them money. They give high praise to average talent. This debases the entire professional and I’m just over it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been fortunate to have some great folks work for me who go on to accomplish great things. That includes Chelsea Marti at ADP, Ashley McMahon at TurboTax, and Jenna Bromberg at Pizza Hut. All of them have put an amazing amount of “points on the board” and continue to lead at their respective brands. Yet others who have accomplished far less, but network and self-promote as a career, often get kudos and credit I don’t believe they deserve.

That’s not to say networking and self-promotion aren’t skills you need to master. But the sad reality is those that are actually doing amazing things most likely don’t have the time or energy to do it. Correction – they do have some time to do it but they can’t do it full time. Driving social in a big brand is long, hard, and exhausting work. You have to fight perception; you have to fight business partners who don’t know a damn thing about what you do. You have to use every bit of energy you have to just get the job done. Those three young women do it at their brand and they don’t have time to attend 40 conferences a year and drink with the overinflated egos of “social media thought leaders.”

After doing this for over seven years at several brands, it’s just getting ridiculous. For every true social pioneer and leader, there are 10 charlatans living off the conference circuit. Have you been to one of these conferences lately? They’re highway robbery.

Real talent often goes unrecognized. Real talent is out there. Seek to find it and learn from it. Say no to the Johnny-come-lately who just has more Twitter followers than the real pros.



Scott Gulbransen

Scott is Global Head of Digital Content at Haymon Boxing - the world's premier boxing management firm. He's the former Vice President of Digital Marketing at DSI, and ran social media and PR at brands like Applebee's, and Intuit's TurboTax. He's a regular contributor for Social Media Today,,, and in 2011 ranked #21 in the list of “Top 50 Daddy Bloggers” in the USA by Cision. His award-winning social marketing campaigns are known for their engaging content, humor and real results.

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