Fast Friday for November 8: From Blackberry to Star Wars

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star_wars_episode_vii_posterEach Friday I am going to run through a list of 5-6 quick items in the news or on my mind. They could be thought starters for longer posts, or just quick hits. Here we go.

Twitter IPO. It’s big news and the incestuous tech and business media continue to analyze, over analyze and analyze again the open price and how well it will do. To me, Twitter will be the last big social/tech startup from the early 2000s to hit it big. The rest of you – the time has passed. Your big payday isn’t coming. Get a real job.

Blackberry: Who cares? Unless you own stock, which if you do, sorry, who cares. The now dying brand has decided not to sell itself and instead find a new CEO. I guess even sinking ships need a captain to ride it down to the abyss.

Miami Dolphins Hazing: Really? Grown men bullying other grown men and making them spend their fortunes? What the hell is going on with the NFL and grown men in a America? Perhaps it’s a hostile workplace but holy crap, how about finding some sack and fighting back. It’s just odd and shows the ridiculousness of professional sports. That’s what happens when a bunch of babied 20-somethings have too much time and money on their hands.

Watch out for T-Mobile. The carrier, left for dead after the AT&T merger was denied, has started to really turn things on. Last quarter, the carrier gained 648,000 new customers. The company disrupted the highly competitive smartphone market by offering the no-contract and “free” upgrade option this year. That’s helped them move a ton of iPhones and their approach to customer service is winning people over. Now, their network still isn’t the best but clearly people are taking notice. Their marketing also continues to draw in the right audience. Let’s see if it lasts.

Star Wars Update: I was happy to read this piece on The Verge where they talked to J.J. Abrams about his work on the new Star Wars movies. Abrams, who I like but haven’t been overly impressed with, says he’s going make Episode VII closer to the series “grittier roots.” That’s good to hear if he can pull it off. I was overjoyed to hear that Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on the best Star Wars film – The Empire Strikes Back – is also part of the project. I liked all of the movies but clearly the first three and their sense of mystery and discovery were not present in the prequels. Good news.



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