Fast Friday for November 15: Coin, Work-Life Balance, and Scott Monty’s New Addition

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snapchatIt was another busy week with lots of happenings in the online business world.  Here are my rants on some of the items that made a splash this week:

Coin Launches with a “Large” Splash: Not only is the product cool, but a close personal friend and colleague also handled its marketing launch. David Binkowski, of Large Media, helped launch Coin – an electronic card that helps store all of your cards on one nifty, digital device. That’s right, you can say goodbye to the “Costanza Wallet.” What’s amazing about the launch is just how huge it went. The product is amazingly cool but you have to give credit to David and Coin for a tremendous launch. Coverage on every major network, every important website and amazing social and viral spread. Just by my count, a good 25-30% of my connections talked about Coin over the past two days with a majority of them pre-ordering the product, which won’t be available until next summer. This comes on the heels of Large Media also helping to launch Tile, another simple but ingenious product. I’m sure many thought David was nuts leaving the big-time of NYC agencies. But, as he has shown over the past few years, he’s far eclipsed the bloated nature of the big agency model. Congrats to David, Large Media and Coin for a great launch.

Snapchat Says “No” to Facebook: Facebook just can’t win lately. The media, the tech world, and the social bubbleheads, all like to slam the company. That’s for some good reasons to be sure. The Menlo Park company offered SnapChat – really nothing more than a simple chat and delete app often used for nefarious uses like sending nude photos, etc. – $3 Billion to become part of the Facebook family. SnapChat said no. Wow. $3 Billion. Again, an example of how the world of social tech is part mirage and part ego-driven madness. Will SnapChat have the last laugh? I don’t think so.

Work-Life Balance: It was great to see the amount of feedback and reaction to my post earlier this week about my recent weight loss and focus on work-life balance. With so many folks writing about what you need to do to be successful, I thought it was time to share a little of my personal story to let people know you don’t have to kill yourself to be successful. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and I’m glad you found value in it.

Congrats to Scott Monty! I wanted to give personal congratulations to Scott Monty at Ford. He and his wife welcomed a new daughter, Grace, into the world this week. As a proud owner of a new 2014 Ford Mustang GT, I’m obviously biased toward his employer. But Scott is a great person and you love to see someone who works so hard be blessed with a healthy and beautiful child. Enjoy your new baby Scott.



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