Learning to Crawl a Big Change

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It’s now been a few weeks since I started my new job as the Vice President of Global Communications & Digital Marketing at DSI. Although it’s been two weeks, it has been an absolute blur. As I mentioned several weeks ago, I believe as professionals we have to “disrupt ourselves” and move quickly out of our comfort zone from time to time. That’s what I’ve done after spending the better part of 15 years on the consumer PR and marketing side of things.

So how is it going? It’s very early and things are still in flux. DSI is an amazing place filled with incredibly talented people. There’s no doubt I made the right move to change it up and challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.

That said, I feel sort of like that new kid at school. Certain of my own abilities and 100% certain I’ll succeed yet a but unsettled. The mobile sector is exploding and there is much to learn. I’m soaking it in like a sponge yet know I have so much to learn. I realize now just how easy it is to stay in a comfortable situation. I had done it for a long time. Now that I’m outside that bubble, there is lots of uncertainty but not in myself.

Anytime you start a new gig things take time. Patience for me is always a challenge. My motor runs fast all of the time. To sit back, learn, assess the current situation, and then act takes discipline and patience. That’s especially true when you’re welcomed with open arms by a team starving for your ability and vision. That said, you have to be prudent and wait it out. Patience in business is always difficult – especially when you slide into a high-performing, high-growth company.

Comfort and cadence will come. Right now, it’s all about learning, assessing and then building great strategic foundations. You have to crawl, then walk, before you can run.



Scott Gulbransen

Scott is Global Head of Digital Content at Haymon Boxing - the world's premier boxing management firm. He's the former Vice President of Digital Marketing at DSI, and ran social media and PR at brands like Applebee's, and Intuit's TurboTax. He's a regular contributor for Social Media Today, SpinSucks.com, Forbes.com, Technorati.com and in 2011 ranked #21 in the list of “Top 50 Daddy Bloggers” in the USA by Cision. His award-winning social marketing campaigns are known for their engaging content, humor and real results.

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