The Need for Patience

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Perhaps the biggest challenge for me on a day-to-day basis is having patience.

Whether it’s patience with my kids, with the morning commute, or with my work, my motor revs pretty high most days. I dive headfirst into almost everything I do with an intensity that sometimes can inhibit my ability to feel a sense of peace or accomplishment.

As I wrote about learning to crawl in my new role is a new challenge, so too is trying hard to be more patient. Patience is a nice, almost calming word in the English language but the practice is much more difficult.

Being Catholic, and this being the Lenten season, I chose patience as my focus during this time of reflection. I chose it because it is perhaps the hardest virtue there is for me to tackle. It also coincides with a new career direction, a new job, and even some changes at home. The need for patience surrounds me and instead of fighting it, I’ve chosen to take it head on.

And boy is it hard.

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. – Julius Caesar

Too often we put our heads down and just try to get things done. Some days, that’s appropriate. More and more I realize we have to have patience to do things right. Doing them fast, getting something done, and sometimes just showing progress, are enough to get by with. But each day that passes, each role I tackle professionally, the more it’s apparent to me that I need to sit back, relax, think more and be patient. I believe we rob ourselves of our true potential when we fail to have the patience to let things play out. We rush that cake into the oven before we’ve mixed it and prepared it properly.

I’m a work in progress with patience but I know it’s important for my future professional and personal growth. It’s an imperative and I know to get to great you sometimes have to go through some challenges. Patience.



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