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My mentor was a Hall of Fame baseball player. We never spent time together, outside of a few moments, but his impact on my life – and his recent death – have me remembering why he was so great.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 1 year ago

Altimeter Group Partner and Industry Analyst Jeremiah Owyang, H&R Block Director of Social Business Scott Gulbransen, and Expion VP of Strategy, Zena Weist presented “Empowering Employees To Be Brand Advocates” earlier this week. Listen to the webinar now here!

Author: 2 years ago

Digiday on why social ROI vexes brands..including quotes from me, Volvo, Campbells Soup, and Nissan. Smart brand managers who talk about the issues surrounding measurement and ROI.

Author: 3 years ago

All the experts and pundits weighing in on the Chick-fil-a gay marriage flap need to calm down. America is a free country where even those we disagree with have a right to speak their mind and run their business how they see fit. If you don’t like his world view, just don’t eat there.

Author: 3 years ago

AMA takes a look at the Stache Act campaign without an inside look at the phenomenon plus what other experts have to say about its success.

Author: 3 years ago

My first tax season at H&R Block saw great success thanks to good strategy, key business partnerships, and a relentless team who is bent on winning the tax social game.

Author: 4 years ago