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The next level of social business leader is one who understands and can work across online media and communications. They know public relations, they know relationship and influencer development, and they know how to integrate these elements across the business.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 2 years ago

Everyone’s in a tizzy to link social engagement and activity to sales and direct revenue-based ROI. Lost in the mix is the importance of social as part of a company’s public relations strategy. That must change.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 3 years ago

All the experts and pundits weighing in on the Chick-fil-a gay marriage flap need to calm down. America is a free country where even those we disagree with have a right to speak their mind and run their business how they see fit. If you don’t like his world view, just don’t eat there.

Author: 4 years ago

The swirling child abuse controversy at Penn State must squarely fall on Joe Paterno’s shoulders. There are many culpable, but Paterno must be fired.

Author: 5 years ago

Everyone is on the social business bandwagon in 2011. The question is, who has the patience to really do it right?

Author: 6 years ago

Amazing trip to the USS Lincoln…posts on all three blogs to come soon

Author: 6 years ago

Head on over to Todd Defren’s PR-Squared Blog for my guest post today. The subject is: PR’s role in social media in the corporate environment.

Author: 6 years ago

I am also honored to have been asked by SHIFT Communciations own Todd Defren to pen a guest post for his widely-read PR-Squared blog on Monday.

Author: 6 years ago