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Each Friday I am going to run through a list of 5-6 quick items in the news or on my mind. They could be thought starters for longer posts, or just quick hits.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 2 years ago

Why teams or people root on others to fail is beyond me. It speaks volume about them.

Author: 3 years ago

When a company refuses to treat their customers well, they have no option but to stop doing business with them. That’s my story with Kenmore and Sears who have lost me as a customer for life.

Author: 4 years ago

All the experts and pundits weighing in on the Chick-fil-a gay marriage flap need to calm down. America is a free country where even those we disagree with have a right to speak their mind and run their business how they see fit. If you don’t like his world view, just don’t eat there.

Author: 4 years ago

The loss of a friend or someone you know isn’t always easy to deal with, even if you haven’t seen them in a long time.

Author: 4 years ago

Tim Tebow’s inability to be a dominating throwing quarterback in the NFL isn’t the only reason many are spewing hate at him. Many despise his public display of his faith.

Author: 4 years ago

Vitrue’s recent “Social Media Index” for the restaurant industry shows the vendor – and many practitioners – continue to miss the point and hurt the reputation of social media

Author: 5 years ago