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Whenever you make a decision – life, career, family, politics – we tend to worry more about others reactions than whether or not we made the right call. Making tough choices is always fraught with anxiety, doubt, and sometimes fear. But there is only one way to overcome it: do what’s right.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 3 years ago

Our lives are not defined by our failures or the past. They are defined by how we take those regrets and move forward without dwelling on what might have been.

Author: 4 years ago

Despite the use of social networks by rioters in the UK, more censorship or monitoring is not the answer.

Author: 5 years ago

Business is, and always will be, a full contact sport. Even if you’re an ethical, professional and talented person, there are always people working an angle.

Author: 6 years ago

Vitrue’s recent “Social Media Index” for the restaurant industry shows the vendor – and many practitioners – continue to miss the point and hurt the reputation of social media

Author: 6 years ago

Too many times professionals are asked to compromise their integrity. Never do it.

Author: 7 years ago

The rise of the personal brand means loyalty between employee and company only exists when it’s mutually beneficial. Outside of that, it’s all about you. It might seem a little selfish but that’s what the marketplace requires us to do. We don’t have a choice anymore. Show too much loyalty and you could find yourself in the unemployment line.

Author: 7 years ago

There are plenty examples of bad, unethical PR professionals and just as many in the media world. The difference is a small majority of writers finds pleasure in other people’s misery or embarassment. I wonder how they’d feel if we spilled the beans on how they ask us for free products, free trips or other favors all the time.

Author: 7 years ago