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The current state of social business has me thinking. Never have I seen so many people self-promote yet never really actually show results nor stability or a track record worthy of the ass kissing they’re getting.

Scott Gulbransen
Author: 3 years ago

If you want to innovate, contribute to the new economy, and live a more fulfilling life, you have to be a leader.

Author: 4 years ago

When a company refuses to treat their customers well, they have no option but to stop doing business with them. That’s my story with Kenmore and Sears who have lost me as a customer for life.

Author: 4 years ago

As social business professionals, there’s no doubt this new and exciting business revolution helps us build our personal brand. But how much is too much? Shouldn’t our work for the brands that pay us lead the way? I contend for many it is not.

Author: 4 years ago

All the experts and pundits weighing in on the Chick-fil-a gay marriage flap need to calm down. America is a free country where even those we disagree with have a right to speak their mind and run their business how they see fit. If you don’t like his world view, just don’t eat there.

Author: 4 years ago

As much as I love the concept of the cloud and being able to access my files (music, movies, documents) from any device I choose, I can’t help but have some doubts. While the convenience of such a service will be unparalleled, I can’t help but think the freedom of actual “ownership” is escaping us.

Author: 5 years ago

Life is too short to be doing something – professionally or personally – that doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled.

Author: 6 years ago

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is the right thing. People get comfortable and lulled into apathy leading them to unhappiness and ruin.

Author: 7 years ago